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Go Rest High On That Mountain - Tribute for my father Roy M. Barker  Sr.

The Swing - Tribute for my mother-in-law Elsie E. Wray

Michael On My Mind - Tribute to A Peacekeeper Killed While In Service to His Country Michael W. Simpson

Aftermath - A Tribute to 911

Tribute to a Twin Brother Don Hatt by guest poet Ron Hatt

Alphabetic Index
If you are looking for a particular memorial you can find  it through the use of this alphabetic index ........the ID number beside the name is the location of the memorial for that person.  The first digit is the wall number followed by the location on the wall.  (example 1-01 is in the first position on wall 1) Clicking on the ID number will take you to the appropriate wall.

Barker, Roy M. Sr 1-01
Benbow, Doris 1-05
Bonniman, Hazel Earl 1-19
Bonniman, Margaret Esther 1-18
Camisa, Eric John  2-08
Cher (Cher and JC's Website) 2-02
Chrabuszcz, Vincent James 2-10
Collister, Harry 1-07
Collister, Marguerite 1-08
Crane, Lois Joan Nelson 2-05
Davin 2-04
Edwards-Howes, Billy 2-09
Evans, Donald (Jim) 2-03
Fortune, Donna 2-15
Fortune, Trickle 2-16
Hartman, McKenzie Louise 2-17
Heaven, Jorryn Amariah 2-13
Hopkins, Keith 1-09
Hill, Isabel 2-01
Maslack, Shawn MichaelJoseph 2-07
Jones, Ariauna Markee 2-11
Jones, Bobbi Jo "Sisk" 2-12
Moore, Harold H. 1-10
Moore, Martin 1-13
Moore, Winifred 1-11
Norman, Gale 2-06
Parker, John William 2-14
Redmond, Goldie 1-03
Shank, Sgt. Michael 1-20
Shelton, Wesley, Jimmy, Duffy  2-18
Starr, Geraldine L. 1-16
Starr, Max W. 1-15
Starr, W.R. Lt. Col. 1-17
Teets, Gladys 1-06
Walsh, Rose 1-12
Ward, Children 1-21
Wolford, William 1-04
Wray, Elsie 1-02
Wrenn, Josephine (Jo) Roberts 1-14


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