Memorial for Don Hatt

These 2 poems are by Guest Poet
Ron Hatt
Westminster B.C., Canada

A Memorial to his twin brother

 Don Hatt
 Feb 24, 1960 -  May 16, 2002

I wasn't sure that I could cry for you.
I'm still in shock.
Let's take a walk together.
Remind me that it's forever...
You won't be ever.
I hope you made it there,
where you wanted to be.
Let me know if it's worth the trip;
or is it a fantasy?
I'm writing you by candlelight...
you tears won't come.
I'm hoping it will help, at least some.
You left me and I don't know why?
Is it something I said?
Should I cry?
I don't want you to say "I Love You."
It wasn't our style...a nod will do.
Please send me a postcard.
Let me know you got there safe,
and that it is a pleasant place.
I have changed my mind!...
you understand...
I have to say "I Love You".

Ron Hatt
May 16, 2002 Coquitlam B.C.


We loved each other with eternal love.
You were my chose to be my friend.
Your ideals were high.
Your hopes for others were true.
I am in anguish for my loss.
I am stunned!
Christ holds you in his bosom now.
You are at peace.
We have always loved each other...
but sometimes we called it hate.
A slight miss wording, that's all.
You went home because you had planted
all the seeds of love you had to give.
Your heart was empty...there was no more to give.
Eternity will show your kindness.
Now you owe me.
I would have cared for you for a thousand years...
if God had chosen.
I am consoled to know that it was your imperfections
that Christ died for on the cross.
It was your goodness that I sought and fought for.
And your love was my reward.

Ron Hatt
May  2002 New Westminster  B.C.

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