For just one perfect moment
in all of eternity
the hands of time stood still
as they handed you to me.
Love...deep, real and complete
overflowed my thumping heart.
I could not breathe...I could not think
I was in awe.
I held you to my breast.
The warm soft weight of your downy head
was nuzzled beneath my chin.
I was serene.
I unwrapped your tiny body
and kissed your perfect toes.
I touched your pouty rosebud mouth
and tweaked your button nose.
I caressed, cradled and cuddled you
rocked you in my arms so proudly
Whispered welcome to this world
And spoke your name out loudly.
In just one miraculous moment
in all of eternity
You were born and I became
what I was meant to be...a mother

and a mother's love is forever.

Jamie was born in September, 1974 at which time his father was serving as a United Nations Peacekeeper in Ismalia, Egypt.  He did not get to meet his Daddy until he was 7.5 weeks old.

Early in his school years Jamie was diagnosed with the learning disabilities, Dyslexia and Visual Closure.  We were very fortunate to have him placed in classes with excellent teachers who went above and beyond to help him.  From the time he was very young, he said he wanted to grow up and design buildings.  Jamie worked hard all through high school and went on to graduate from Loyalist College in Belleville Ontario at the top of his class on the dean's list.  Today he is an architectural technologist handling multi million dollar building projects.  We are very proud of all that he has accomplished.

Jamie married his lovely bride Laura in August 2002.  Along with a wonderful wife he also got a sweet daughter, Emily from Laura's previous marriage.  Since their marriage Jamie and Laura have given us two additional grandchildren, Katie and Iain.  All 3 grandchildren are our greatest joys.

ęD.W.Rickard 2006