Life is Good

Life is Good

When my eyes open at early morn
To pale rays of sun, gentle breezes
And a cacophony of avian twitters
Life Is Good.

When my ears fill with the symphony
of rain on window panes
As the winds whistles in the willows
Life is Good

When my tongue reaches to taste the first flakes of snow
And eyelashes blink away the frosty crystals
Before they melt and fade into infinity
Life is Good

When on ocean's rocky shore I stand
Feeling the majesty of the ceaseless surf
Its constant ebb and flow showering me in salty spray
Life is Good

When through dark and earthy woods I roam
Past sentries tall and verdant green
Breathing pungent pine and reveling in the quiet stillness
Life is Good.

When I touch one red and perfect rose
With drops of dew clinging to velvet petals
And inhale to the core of my being, its fragrant soul.
Life is Good.

When I hold in my arms a new born child
A tiny powdered, pampered precious life
To sing to him sweet lullabies
Life is Good.

When evening comes and brings slumber
Serenity, your hand in mine
The night falls darkly with muted sighs and then
Life is the Best

ęD.W.Rickard 2000