You asked,
Did I remember you?

I remember your smile;
the way it lit up your face.
turning the corner of your mouth upwards
leaving dimples and an irresistible show of white teeth.

I remember your lips.
full, soft, warm and wet,
tender and gentle when pressed on mine
or eager, demanding, scorching into my soul.

I remember your eyes,
deep orbs of liquid light
that danced with flashed of sunbathed gold
or moldered darkly with latent lusty desires.

I remember your hands
strong and large, callused and knotted
seeking out, caressing and exploring
making my flesh sing and cry in exquisite delight.

I remember your voice,
laughing, softly sighing, whispering of love
in tones liquid and deep, stroking my senses
turning my insides to a mellow mush.

I answered.
Oh yes, I remember you.

ęD.W.Rickard 1968